Greg Buchanan
M.A. (Cantab), M.Phil, PhD (in-progress), MTA

Tuition Fee: £60p/h


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English Literature, Classics, and Writing Tuition

  • Specialist Online English Literature, Classical Civilisation, and Writing Task (BMAT Section 3, TSA, ELAT) Tuition
  • Completed M.Phil and B.A in English at the University of Cambridge and currently working on a PhD at King’s College London, teaching ‘Introducing Literary Theories’.
  • Director of Sequential Reality, an education and consultancy company working with a major international exam board on research and design.
  • Publications – ‘Identification and Character in The Unfortunates and Composition No. 1’, B.S Johnson and Post-War Literature (Palgrave, 2014)

Unique Online Method:

  • Some students are great at spoken communication but this is irrelevant to their essay work – Sessions are carried out online using text chat in a free application called Skype in order to encourage students to communicate in written English.
  • I provide a focus upon writing impossible to achieve in a classroom environment – I do not replace teaching elsewhere but augment it, providing in-depth focus on writing through moment-by-moment text chat and by in-depth feedback on written work of the kind few teachers are able to accomplish with their large class sizes and dwindling marking time. As long as homework is emailed to me on time, I provide close annotation and lengthy explanations for each essay I receive. Essays and materials are emailed to me in advance of tuition sessions and are electronically marked using a Samsung Note 12 tablet to provide clear and comprehensive digital handwritten marking on essay work.
  • A proven method – Please see the feedback below or on my FirstTutors profile for testimonials as to how previous students have found success with this online method of tuition, and use the Contact form below to ask any further questions.

Providing tuition for:

  • English Literature – all major specifications from GCSE to A Level, in addition to undergraduate level English tuition, assisting with subject knowledge, analysis skills, and essay writing abilities. I can help guide students through the school year, coursework preparation, and examinations, with in-depth marking and regular homework. I am also available to act as authenticator for home-schooled or private candidates. (£60p/h)
  • Classical Civilisation – Epic (The Iliad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid) and Tragedy (all major tragedies), Greek and Roman values, theories of tragedy, essay skills for each of the various tasks, and how to approach revision for these papers. (£60p/h)
  • Writing Task Assessments (BMAT Section 3, TSA, ELAT) – Providing tuition for several major university entrance tests with writing components such as BMAT Section 3 (in conjunction with a biochemistry tutor), TSA, and the ELAT. For each of these papers I teach students not just the essay style required but the kind of argumentative and analytical skills needed to do well, with a bank of past essays and exercises available to guide students through the material. For the ELAT, I provide additional English Literature-related support. (£60p/h)
  • International Students: I also tutor a large number of international students completing qualifications such as CIE English Literature A-Levels in countries such as China and New Zealand as well as a number of undergraduate students completing University of London international degree programmes in China, Dubai, and more. (£60p/h)
Greg has been a real saviour at a time when stress levels were running high just before my daughter’s AS English Literature exams. We decided to look for a tutor and chanced upon Greg who offered us recommendations from other successful tutees and also his own university tutors. He is very mature, professional and truly focused on helping. He prepared extremely well, working through the texts during his own busy time. We benefited from his bright, natural ability and his genuine enjoyment of teaching. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Greg is a friendly, dedicated and accomplished teacher who has been a truly helpful to me. I am studying for my A level English exam and I have found that Greg has committed many more hours than I could have expected to preparing our lessons and finding useful material. I was not anticipating working so hard and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Greg’s teaching skills are superlative and my time with him has really paid off.
I am truly grateful for the level of dedication Greg has put in towards my preparations for my A level English Literature Exam. He has always remained friendly, professional and very attentive to my needs as his tutee. He has put a lot of time and dedication into planning our sessions together and is always happy to provide useful material. My time with Greg has been very productive as he has helped me develop my skills as a student, and has exceeded any of my expectations.
Greg has proved invaluable to me in my final term at University (I just wish I had known about him earlier!). He has gone beyond what I thought a tutor would do, putting in a substantial amount of his own time and effort into preparing every one of my sessions. I have felt encouraged and motivated in every session and feel a lot more confident in my own ability since meeting him. His teaching is second to none and superb value for money, I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Greg started teaching my son in July to help him prepare for his GCSEs next year. He has proved to be an excellent teacher and my son, who is usually not very enthusiastic about tutors, rates Greg as ‘awesome’. Over the past few weeks, Greg has worked with my son on revising the work that he did in the last school year and has helped him in areas where he felt less confident. They also worked on some of the texts that he will be doing next year. I have been very impressed by the way Greg organises his lessons. He obviously has a great passion for the subject and his teaching methods are geared towards developing a similar passion in his students. He is not a teach by numbers type of tutor but adapts to suit his subject; he quickly discerned the best way to teach my son and was able to engage his interest in a way that no other teacher has been able to. Thanks to Greg, my son is heading into the Fifth Form equipped with the tools that he needs to do well and as a result, he is much more confident. We will continue to work with Greg for the rest of the year and would highly recommend him. He is an excellent teacher.
He is an excellent, dedicated tutor, who has helped me to his fullest ability to expand my English knowledge. We have worked through a few controlled assessments and we are currently working towards analyzing texts of writing. Over the past few weeks, Greg has worked with me on preparing for speaking and listening tasks, analyzing poetry and continuing to analyze the novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. I have been very impressed by the way Greg organises his lessons. It is very obvious that he is dedicated to teaching English.
I have found Greg’s tutoring immensely helpful. As well as perfecting my writing style, he has taught me how to integrate literary topics of my own preference into essays; I have found his emphasis on philosophy and Greek mythology particularly fascinating. It is a combination of his unique insights, thoroughness and witty enthusiasm that has inspired me to reach beyond my potential. I would highly recommend him as a tutor.
I wanted a tutor to help tackle the most challenging year of studying English: English Literature A-Level. My main problem was essay structure. Greg has helped enormously by working with me to address this problem. My essays are now much better. This has been supported by teachers, who say that they have recognised a notable improvement. Greg and I have worked through past essays and our lessons are particularly helpful in analyzing in more depth the topics initiated in school. He challenges my thought processes in a supportive and constructive manner. In doing so he pushes me to produce the best work. He is an excellent tutor and I would definitely recommend him to other students who wish to achieve the best results.
Greg has helped me with me A2 English literature and in particular analysing unseen poetry and prose. He has been a very supportive and dedicated tutor. His enthusiasm makes the sessions fly by! He gives me extensive and helpful feedback on all the essays I write for him and it is clear that he carefully plans each session. The sessions have the perfect balance between him teaching me about new concepts/possible interpretations and helping me develop my own points of view through lively discussion. He has greatly increased my confidence and ability in analysing unseen poetry and prose, in a way that teachers at school could never have done. He has inspired me to read many new books and feel more confident than ever in my choice to study English at university. I’m so glad that we chose him as a tutor and I would wholeheartedly recommend him!
My son finds that Greg always comes prepared for his lesson and has so far given him helpful constructive critisism. Since he has started working with Greg, his English grades have improved considerably. My son has gained in confidence and Gregs support and advice have been invaluable. Thank you Greg ! After a few months of Greg’s attention and support, my son has progressed from a ‘low B’, to finally attain a ‘high A’ grade in his final GCSE English Paper
Greg is a true find and I feel privileged to have him as a tutor for my daughter. Lara had been struggling with essay structure and text analysis in her A2 English Language/Literature and Classical Civilisation. She was lacking motivation and confidence. Lara has only had a few sessions so far with Greg and already she has regained her passion for these subjects. She is now extremely motivated to succeed in her forthcoming examinations. Thanks to Greg’s excellent teaching methods my daughter is more confident and understanding of her essay writing and text analysis, and is already improving on them. Greg is a friendly, knowledgeable and passionate tutor. He is very dedicated, spending much of his own time preparing for sessions, as well as giving valuable help and feedback outside of these sessions whenever Lara needs it. I would highly recommend Greg as a tutor. THE A-LEVEL RESULTS ARE IN! Lara’s place at Exeter University is now confirmed! Her English grade went up from a B to an A* and her Classics grade went up from a C to a B! A huge thank you, Greg, for all you have done in helping her to achieve this! She is over the moon.
After his first session with Greg my son felt more confident in his own abilities and since then Greg has helped him enormously, working patiently and methodically to help him produce work of a high standard. Greg has responded to our requests to work on specific aspects of my son’s English and at the same time directed the sessions to get the best results out of him. He is a great find and we look forward to continuing to work with him.
Greg’s tuition has been invaluable to my university application. He has prepared his lessons very thoroughly and introduced me to a broad range of literature and literary concepts beyond the school syllabus. His programme of work is both challenging and enjoyable. Through discussion with Greg, my confidence and ability have improved considerably in the areas of unseen poetry, wider English literature and essay writing. I recommend him most highly.
Greg has been fantastic for my daughter. He’s really given her the the confidence to tackle unseen poetry and prose in particular. His approach to tutoring is always encouraging whilst being challenging at the same time, So my daughter finds his lessons stimulating and very enjoyable – she always comes away feeling better about herself and her approach to English Literature which she’s hoping to read at university next year. We’re also very grateful and really appreciate the fact that Greg takes time in between lessons to mark, prepare and send extra work. Thank you very much for everything so far.
Greg is a very good, capable tutor who provides all the help necessary to get you through the A Level English Literature course. He is teaching me the AS English Lit syllabus completely and supporting me with the A2 side of the course. He is also authenticating my AS coursework and was very helpful in terms of contacting the exam board for this. Overall he is very supportive and I would highly recommend him!
Excellent! My daughter has only been attending sessions for a few weeks and we have already seen improvements not only in her work but in her confidence. Greg is very flexible in his style of teaching and listens to pupil and parent about what needs to be studied especially if doing a particular topic in school. What is also so very helpful to my daughter is that in Greg she now feels she has someone in her corner. We have been very lucky to find Greg and we do appreciate him.
I have been having Greg for tuition for several months now, I have been struggling to analyse poetry and Greg was able to help me understand how to better analyse and understand poetry in the anthology set by the exam board. We have also been working on my essay structure as this is something that I have been struggling with and feel that I am starting to make progress. I have also have had help with my English coursework creative writing piece, and found his input extremely helpful into the final shaping of my story. He is helpful with both the language and literature part of my course- I would recommend him to anyone that is struggling with their A level English!
Greg is an excellent tutor. He has helped me improve my multiple AS English Literature coursework’s to the best possible standard especially in the area of essay language, form and structure, my English Teachers have even pointed out the noticeable improvement. He has also taught me how to analyse texts and poems in greater detail which was a technique I previously struggled at. We are currently working on my exam technique such as planning, language and monitoring time along with going over Emily Dickinson poetry and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and organising, grouping and analysing quotes in more depth. Greg is an exceptional tutor with superb organisation which is brought across in sessions to get the most of your time. He also takes the time to mark essays in advance and send feedback, I would highly recommend him!
I went to Greg for help in my English GCSE. Greg has been very helpful. My English has definitely got noticeably better. The exercises we do in the session are extremely useful and well thought out, and structured to my needs. Overall very pleased with his work and support.
Greg has been very helpful not only with preparing for BMAT Section 3 but also helped improve my essay technique and I really appreciated the time and effort he spent giving me feedback on my personal statement over a considerable number of months.
Greg has been extremely helpful in many aspects of English. He puts a lot of effort into doing the research and creating suitable exercises which help greatly with essay writing – Greg has taught me to hit the exam criteria and break down my essays in a way that will benefit the end product.
Greg was extemely helpful, and I now feel much more confident in my submission of literature essays in the final year of my degree. I would recommend him!
Really good tutoring from a clearly knowledgeable teacher. Very professional system and excellent methods used. Very helpful in focusing on specific areas of need for my classics AS level. Highly recommend.
Greg is a first-class, wonderful tutor. I have been having weekly sessions as a private candidate for A-Level and for Literary Theory for approaching one year now and I have progressed and achieved far more than I thought possible in the time. Greg has an astounding knowledge of his subject and an extraordinary flair for teaching it. His lessons are always meticulously prepared and enjoyably challenging; one comes away from each lesson with a definite awareness that progress has been made and so with bolstered self-confidence. I have been especially impressed by Greg’s ability to tailor our course of study to my individual requirements and desires. After enquiring as to my interests in Literary Theory at the outset of tuition, Greg has continually demonstrated how these theories interact with both one another and with the texts we have been covering for A-Level, exploring them alongside the A-Level texts with tailor-made exercises and suggestions for further reading, with the result that I have come away from each session feeling that I have progressed in both areas of interest in the time I had expected to cover merely one; Greg has greatly expanded my understanding of literature as a whole via a highly personalised and exceptionally stimulating course of A-Level study, and vice-versa. Worthy of special note is the online tuition method, which is remarkably effective, especially as it provides one with a transcript of the conversation which can be revisited at a later date, which is ideal when so much is covered in a short space of time. Aside from the lessons, themselves testament to a substantial out of hours commitment, Greg has been exceptionally helpful in organising the authentication of my A-Level coursework with the exam-board. As is imperative in a tutor, Greg is always friendly and unfailingly patient and supportive. It has been a pleasure to have him as a tutor, and I look forward to continuing sessions with him. An inspired tutor, I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Greg has been absolutely fantastic and my daughter has really appreciated his guidance and advice and tutoring and I would without hesitation recommend him.
There is very little for me to offer in terms of feedback for Greg’s tuition beyond that it was excellent, and was invaluable in helping me eventually attain a grade of A* in A-Level English Literature, moving my grade from a low B to my eventual grade of A* in the process. I would be happy to recommend his tuition to anyone seeking to improve their grade, or to prepare themselves for upcoming examinations in English Literature.
My son has been working with Greg for three weeks, so a little early to give in depth feedback. However, we have been delighted so far. Greg has been transparent in the way he works and very organised. He is patient with my son and yet doesn’t let him off the hook, so work is completed and full understanding achieved. My son is at GCSE level and the work that Greg is doing with him is level appropriate and focussing on a strong foundation. I can see how with that foundation, appropriate progression will continue apace.
Greg has only just started tutoring my son, who has mild aspergers, and his techniques have worked very well so far. We are pleased to see how much Patrick seems to be working (he had a fairly disappointing upper-sixth year last year), and how his confidence is building in the typed discussions they have. It’s great too for Patrick to have a record of everything he has learnt, because every exchange they ever have is typed in one connected document for easy reference. Greg is very efficient and expects the same back. He has high standards and knows how to engage Patrick’s interest in the subject, understanding how the computer games, films and HBO series which he loves have classical roots and draw from the timeless fascination of ancient heroes.
We were looking for someone to help my son work towards his National 5 English (Scotland) and luckily found Greg. They have been working together for over three months now, and my son has found the experience very, very helpful. Greg has been encouraging and helpful, covering areas such as essay writing and textual analysis where my son felt his knowledge was lacking. He has found the whole experience of working with Greg very motivating and I feel that I can’t really praise him enough. I can however highly recommend him!
Greg has been absolutely instrumental in helping me with my final year English essays and dissertation. In the short timeframe of four weeks he has transformed my work and has put vast amounts of effort into the preparation of each session. Greg explains concepts very clearly, really ensuring that I understood exactly what I needed to do in order to improve each of my essays. His online tuition method works extremely well, particularly as the discussions had during tuition can be accessed easily, unlike vocal tuition where large segments may be forgotten. He is an excellent tutor and I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Greg helped me in my final year of studying for an English degree through the University of London International Programme. When I started with Greg I was very uncertain of what a good essay looked like and I struggled to take my research and ideas and build them into clear and coherent papers. Greg worked with me by reading over the essays I sent him and preparing targeted activities which dealt with the problems which my work had. Greg not only provided a much needed academic perspective for my studies, but pushed me further than I would have gone had I been working wholly alone. I never doubted Greg’s expertise for a second while working with him, his knowledge and interest in English literature are evident through the depth of his understanding of the subject. I was so glad to have Greg in my final year, while our sessions were challenging I always felt that we were making progress and my only regret is that I didn’t start working with him much earlier.
Greg is a very experienced teacher who has always been patient and insightful, after three months’ study with him, I am much more confident in facing the upcoming examination in CIE A-Level English. The most treasurable thing I learned is the method to analyze literary works in a critical and objective way, which makes the learning process much easier and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend him to people who still struggle to understand texts or write essays confidently.
It’s easy and fair to say that I would have struggled a great deal these past four months if it hadn’t been for Greg’s tuition in English Literature. I decided to find a tutor when deciding I would resit my AS “Aspects of Narrative” exam, alongside the A2 Level “Elements of the Gothic” exam and two pieces of coursework over the space of four months, and was thankful to find Greg. His method of tuition results in an unintimidating and encouraging atmosphere, whilst still being able to create the feeling of an exam in setting you small tasks with a rough time limit, meaning you produce high quality work in a short space of time, something essential for any exam. Over the past four months my essay and homework skills have improved vastly, with an essay averaging at an A nowadays rather than the usual C. The coursework results too speak for themselves – in two drafts Greg lifted a piece of coursework from an E to a B and another from a D to an A*. Rather than simply telling you the answers, Greg gets you to figure them out yourself, so that you didn’t simply know what to do, but rather you understand it. The sessions are thought provoking and challenging, yet continue to broaden your understanding of a text far greater than I could have imagined. Couldn’t recommend Greg more.
As a parent is it of the utmost importance that the people that our daughter deals with are both personally and professionally of the highest calibre. The last few months have shown Greg to be such an individual. His tutelage has been of the highest standard as has his reliability. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

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